Dymkovo Figurines
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Medvedev Painting Dymkovo Figurine

Dymkovo Clay Figurines is a unique phenomenon in Russian folk art. They are among the most popular works of folk craftsmen of this country. For many decades folk art exhibitions have invariably included the colored clay figurines and figure compositions. 

The origin of Dymkovo Figurines goes back to ancient times, and is linked with the local festival of the Vyatka province, Svistoplyaska ("whistle-dance", dancing with and to whistles). The festival included commemoration of the ancestors, rolling clay balls down a steep slope of the river, play-fights, promenading and also rich bazaars selling sweets, nuts but mainly clay figurines and whistles made by thousands in Dymkovo specially for the occasion.   Read More!

Dymkovo Figurines

Dymkovo Figurines

Brief Summary: 

1. Each toy is unique. There are similar figurines but since they are handmade - all of them are different! 
2. There is only limited production of the figurines these days. They are virtually disappeared from the market. 
3. They are perfect to give away as a gift! 
4. Brief reference: Dymkovo Figurines

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